My Top 10 Albums 2015

The 90s are back! So many albums I listened to this year were overtly 90s influenced (Sprinter, Dry Food) and some quite good ones (The Magic Whip, Star Wars) from bands who started in the 90s. One real surprise here was Kate Pierson, who released her first solo album at age 67 and it’s delightful—right up there with the best of the B-52s. All links go to Spotify.

  1. Carrie & Lowell, Sufjan Stevens
  2. Bleeders Digest, Say Hi
  3. 1989, Ryan Adams
  4. Before The World Was Big, Girlpool
  5. Guitars and Microphones, Kate Pierson
  6. Star Wars, Wilco
  7. Dry Food, Palehound
  8. Sprinter, Torres
  9. The Magic Whip, Blur
  10. Ad Infinitum, Telekinesis

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