Press & Interviews

And Then My Car Chimed In, After It Nudged Me in the Rear: High-Tech Grace Notes Alter the Driving Experience, The New York Times (2014)

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Touch and Go: Q&A with Dan Saffer by Dan Levy for Sparksheet (2009)

Talk To The Hand: Dan Saffer and Gestural Interfaces by Andy Polaine for Core77 (2009)

Dan Saffer: “Interaction Design is an Applied Art” by Helen Walker for Design Interviews (2008)

Adaptive Path on Topless Meetings (2008)

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Companies go “topless” at meetings by United Press (2008)

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Interaction 08 In the Garden of Good and Evil by Chris Baum for Boxes and Arrows (2007)

Inkwell: Dan Saffer by Jim Leftwich on The WELL (2006)

Designing for Interaction: An Interview with Dan Saffer by Liz Danzico for AIGA (2006)

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