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From June 2003 to May 2005, I attended Carnegie Mellon University's master's degree program in interaction design. This blog was an attempt to document some of the experience. More on why I did this.

There's a number of ways to explore this blog. It's fairly rich with information (if I do say so myself) on everything from basic typography to in-depth design theory. You could start with the first entry or, perversely, the last. I've provided some categories and what I feel are some important highlights. (In case you were wondering, my database was accidentally deleted, (although conveniently between years) thus the categories are broken up by year.)

Many of my noteworthy projects have migrated to my portfolio, but of particular interest are my thesis project FilePiles and my thesis essay: The Role of Metaphor in Interaction Design (340k pdf).

I also taught two semesters of Visual Interface Design while in school, which was very interesting and rewarding.



Computing in Design
Conceptual Models
Design Seminar I
Design Seminar II
Design Studio I
Design Studio II
Designing for Service
Graduate Typography
Interaction & Interface Design
Interactive Graphics
Mapping & Diagramming
Organizational Design
Sketching & Modeling

Greatest Hits
A Definition of Design
Adaptive Worlds
Design Awareness
Ethics in Design
Ethnography and Models
Having an Experience
Participatory Design
Systems Design
What is an Art?
What is a Product?
2003-04 Categories
3D (2)
Alumni (8)
Assistantships (3)
Big Ideas (28)
Classes (20)
Classmates (26)
CMU (25)
Cognition (1)
CPID Program (4)
Design 101 (30)
Design Theory (21)
Extracurricular (15)
Faculty (13)
Field Trips (5)
HCI Program (4)
Info Design (3)
Interface Design (6)
Meta (8)
Money (8)
Papers (5)
Photography (5)
Preparation (6)
Projects (49)
Readings (33)
Software (8)
Special Guest Stars (15)
Student Life (21)
Teaching (3)
Techniques (12)
Thesis Paper (10)
Thesis Project (6)
Typography (9)
Visualization (8)


2004-05 Categories
After School (8)
Alumni (3)
Assistantships (1)
Big Ideas (4)
Classes (6)
Classmates (7)
CMU (12)
Design 101 (4)
Extracurricular (10)
Meta (3)
Money (3)
Organizational Design (32)
Papers (1)
Programming (7)
Projects (14)
Reading (20)
Service Design (6)
Special Guest Stars (10)
Student Life (28)
Teaching (3)
Techniques (6)
Thesis Paper (14)
Thesis Project (11)
Typography (11)


Classmates and Alumni
Andy Cramer
Ashley Deal
Carl DiSalvo
Chad Thornton
Ben Fineman
Brian Haven
Elizabeth Windram
Jeong Kim
Phi-Hong Ha
Ian Hargraves
Jeff Howard
Kenneth Berger
Kerry Bodine
Kevin Fox
Mathilde Pignol
Micah Alpern
Neema Moraveji
Rob Adams


  O Danny Boy is About Me, Dan Saffer, and has my Portfolio, Resumé, Blog, and some Extras. It also has the blog I kept of my graduate studies and ways to Contact Me.