My Favorite Albums 2016

Same criteria as in previous years: replay-ibility and few skipped tracks. All links to Spotify.

10. Head Carrier, Pixies
Doesn’t really feel like a Pixies album, but has enough Frank Black mojo to be enjoyable.
9. We Can Do Anything, Violent Femmes
Weirdly, I only like most of the odd-numbered tracks here.
Not as good as the early work, but some good atmospherics.
7. Winter Wheat, John K. Samson
Weakerthans’ front man spins out some great vignettes.
6. Remember Us to Life, Regina Spektor
Quirky, beautiful, haunting. “The Light” is a standout.
5. Wild Stab, The I Don’t Cares
The Paul Westerberg songs are what to stick around for through some of the stupider tunes.
4. Welcome The Worms, Bleached
3. Nice As Fuck, Nice as Fuck
Jenny Lewis-fronted supergroup with tunes that go down smooth.
2. You Won’t, Revolutionaries
Quirky, 90s-inspired rock. Are those bagpipes?
1. Goodbye Terrible Youth, American Wrestlers
Rocking mix of 80s, 90s, and today. Catches the moment so well.

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