About Dan Saffer

I’m a creative director, interaction designer, and the author of four books on design: Designing Devices (2011), Designing Gestural Interfaces (2008), and Designing for Interaction (2006, 2009). My latest book, Microinteractions, was published in 2013.

Designing for InteractionDesigning Gestural Interfaces CoverDesigning Devices CoverMicrointeractions Cover

I’m currently Creative Director, New Products at Jawbone where I design next generation products and services for wearables and consumer electronics.

Since 1995, I’ve designed devices, apps, websites, appliances, automotive interiors, services, and robots. Millions of people every day use the products I’ve designed. I speak at conferences and teach workshops on interaction design all over the world. My design innovations have received several patents.

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I curate articles, books, presentations, and videos on design going back to the 1940s for The Interaction Design Library. I also collect articles about and by Brian Eno in the Enoanthology.

I’m married to Rachael King, a business and technology journalist for the Wall Street Journal, and we have a 14-year-old daughter Fiona who attends The Bay School of San Francisco.

I coined the term “topless meeting” (for a meeting without laptops) which was an Oxford Dictionary Finalist for Word of the Year 2008 and Time Magazine’s #10 Buzzword of 2008.

I’m an ENTJ, a Thinker, a T-Shaped Person, and an Aquarius. I enjoy listening to indie pop music, reading historical fiction, watching copious amounts of television, and imbibing Guinness.

I play the cello. Badly. I have trouble drawing straight lines.