Help Me Find My Next Adventure

I’m looking for a new professional home. I’ve been talking to some interesting companies, but I thought it might be good to spread the net wide.

I’m looking for a position leading a team of designers as a creative director, director of design/UX, or VP of design in San Francisco or nearby. (Or one that would allow me to work in SF remotely.) I enjoy the pace of agency life, but would equally like a really interesting product. Dog-friendly office a plus!

My preference is to working on consumer projects that go beyond web or a single app, preferably in the hardware/software space: devices, robots, consumer electronics, appliances, etc. I’m an expert in touchscreen and gestural interfaces, as well as web, mobile, and desktop apps.

Here’s my resume (pdf) and my portfolio. Contact me if you have or know of a good fit for my experience and interests. Thanks!

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