Looking for a Designer to Mentor

I’m looking for a designer to mentor. What I’m offering:

  • Six months of mentoring, renewable if it’s working out
  • Review any work you want: sketches, deliverables, finished products, pieces of writing, etc. It can’t be overly time-sensitive though; no “OMG, the client needs to see these in an hour and I need your help!” kind of stuff. More like, “How could I make/have made this better?”
  • Help with career planning: what you should do, who you should meet, etc. and help arrange introductions if possible
  • General advice

I’m looking for a particular kind of designer to mentor, though, as I think I’d probably be able to help this type of designer out the most. Who you are:

  • Early-career (2-3 years+) interaction/UX designer: not fresh out of undergrad
  • Wants to or (preferably has) written articles and/or conference presentations
  • Works with complex problems—I’m not going to be much help with marketing or branding work
  • Interested in more than web
  • Comfortable in English. Alas, I don’t speak any other language well enough to be able to effectively tutor someone in it.
  • Doesn’t mind the occasional blunt advice and criticism
  • A sense of humor
  • Willing to deal with me mostly via email and IM. If you’re in SF, we’ll get beverages occasionally.

I’ll try to help guide you as best I can.

UPDATE: I’ve found three people to mentor and applications are hereby closed. Thanks for your interest!

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