2011 Professional Goals

Launch a working product of my own. Not a concept project and not a client project. A product I can unequivocally point to as my own design that others can use.

Write more. A blog post a week, and a longer article on Designing Devices once a month.

Sketch more. Improve my freehand drawing and noodle on ideas. Instead of a laptop or iPad to fill in the gaps of the day, sketch.

More storytelling in presentations. Telling stories is a great way to engage the audience. I need to incorporate them more into my talks.

More outreach. Less dealing with the design community, more engagement with the broader business and tech worlds. More going after projects I want to work on.

Another strong program for Device Design Day. The first Device Design Day was a success, with a great lineup of speakers. Build on that.

Improve The Interaction Design Library. Add excerpts or summaries to all entries in the Interaction Design Library. Link to a twitter account. Find buried gems.

Create an Interaction Design Glossary of Terms. Use the canonical books in the field to create a glossary for everyone to use.

One thought on “2011 Professional Goals

  1. Good list of professional and personal goals – and while I agree with the sketching goal, could sketching on an iPad (using SketchBook Pro or its equivalent) also be a compromise, or try using a Wacom? Granted, the sketching is probably more for improving visual thinking as opposed to becoming an illustrator, but still – an idea to consider. Plus minimizing the whole ‘sketch, then import into Illustrator, then fix up in Photoshop’ thing sounds intriguing. I admit, I was too taken by that New Yorker cover done on an iPhone 😉

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