2011 Personal Goals

Exercise. Thirty minutes of exercise every day. No exceptions. Can be Wii Fit, walking, pushups/situps, whatever. Just move. Hard.

Resume cello. Practice cello three times a week. At least a half hour each time. Resume serious lessons once back up to speed.

More off-line time. Three hours of off-line time on weekdays, six hours per day on weekends. Spending too much time online, not enough engaging with the world around me. It leads to caring about stupid stuff like how many Twitter followers I have or whether people have voted up my answers on Quora. In the end, who gives a shit?

See friends more. I’m so much happier when I do social activities and/or meet friends for drinks at least once a week. I don’t do it enough. Friends reading this: consider yourself on notice.

Pause before snapping. Before lashing out, try to figure out why I’m angry or frustrated. Is it something the other person said or did, or am I overreacting? Focus on the feeling first, then articulate it (if appropriate). Sit on angry emails for a long while.

Read more fiction. My 2010 books were heavily weighed towards non-fiction. I should add more fiction to the mix.

More live music. Really any live music. I don’t think I saw a single show in 2010.

Daily pause. Fifteen minutes a day of doing nothing but sitting quietly. Call it prayer, meditation, whatever. Focus.

Fight envy. It’s a poison, and leads to thinking badly about myself. I can only live my life as best as I can. My only true competition is myself.

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