6 thoughts on “Sneak Preview of Interactive Gestures!

  1. Looking good, Dan. It seems you’re doing a thorough job of it (not surprising). I have to ask though, are you including David Small’s “Stream of Consciousness”? as an example somewhere? That’s one of my favorites.

  2. Looks intriguing so far, Dan. I’m abut 1/3 through your first book, so I guess I need to get reading if I’m to finish before Interactive Gestures is published. Keep up the good work, and thanks for inspiring so many of us.
    Also, I’m not claiming to be the only one to have coined this phrase, but tap is indeed the new click:

  3. the link on the O’Reillys page links to Torrens-ETech-2008.pptx.
    Nice work but… nothing to do with gesture 🙂
    Also not sure if you know about a multitouch with a time line interface–based in Helsinki… http://citywall.org/pages/about
    There is also some writing on small group use to be presented at CHI2008 from this work. Happy to send a copy on if you are interested. Has been nominated/ short-listed for inclusion for best paper awards prize as well.
    best, and nice work as always!
    Ann Morrison

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