2007 Review: Work Travel

Somehow, it doesn’t seem like it, but running the numbers, I traveled a lot less this year than in 2006. The raw stats are 56 days away in 2006 and only 41 in 2007. There were whole months that I stayed in San Francisco this year (January, April, May, October, December) and that only happened once in 2006 (May), and when I went anywhere, it was for fewer days. Good thing I can sleep on red-eye flights!

In both years, there was still one ginormous trip (Sydney in 2006, Malmo-Copenhagen-Amsterdam in 2007). The difference was, I think, a client project in early 2006 that had me on-site nearly every week for several months, and that bumped up the travel time.

This past year, I did spend time in some cool places:

  • The aforementioned Malmo, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam
  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Austin
  • Helsinki
  • Chicago
  • and Washington D.C.

Next year is already filling up with trips to Japan, San Diego, Austin, Savannah, and Washington D.C. already scheduled, and rumors of Copenhagen and Sydney on the horizon.

I’ll see you somewhere.

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