Three Countries, One Week

I’m headed to Europe today, and if anyone wants to meet up with me while I’m there, here’s where I’ll be.

First I’m speaking at Business to Buttons in Malmö, Sweden. There may be an informal drinks on Friday, 15 June. Saturday I’m in Copenhagen with no plans except to wander the city with my Adaptive Path colleague Brandon Schauer. Sunday the 17th through Thursday the 21st I’m in Amsterdam for UX Intensive. The workshop I’m teaching sold out, which is fantastic! There will be drinks after my workshop, of course, but also Monday, 18 June some designers are getting together for drinks and dinner after Design Strategy day.

If you are around any of these cities and want to meet up, contact me and we’ll try to arrange it.

2 thoughts on “Three Countries, One Week

  1. I had hoped to be able to come down to Malmö but I am unfortunately stuck in Stockholm. Hope you have a nice day there.

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