The Feed Reader as the Link Between Social Networks

I was looking over my RSS reader today and realized that quite a number of my feeds are how I monitor my (too) many online social networks. Comments from blogs I write on, my Flickr streams, Dopplr itineraries, MySpace, Twitter, Plazes…all of these are now flowing into my RSS reader. With many people trying to figure out how to stitch our social networks (and thus our online identities) together, it occurs to me that we already have such a thing, although no feed reader that I know of is really up to the task yet. One could easily imagine it sewing together photos, comments, etc. by person, creating a sort of meta-network for you, built out of RSS feeds from all the other networks.

If anyone makes one of these, I want one.

3 thoughts on “The Feed Reader as the Link Between Social Networks

  1. Radar networks (stealth) seem to be on to this: Scoble took a look and had this to say “Basically Web pages will no longer be just pages, or posts. They’ll all be split up into little objects, stored in a database (a massive, scalable one at that) and then your words can be displayed in different ways. Imagine a really awesome search engine that could bring back much much more granular stuff than Google can today. Or, heck, imagine you could view my blog by posts with most inbound links.”

  2. You could try – it lets you put a bunch of RSS feeds onto one page, which you then subscribe to. There’s also a nice stand alone app for Macs called JuHu. Digital Lifestyle Aggregation awaits!

  3. Lijit, Spock, Facebook all have elements of this but I must admit at this stage I just load everything into my feed reader (FeedDemon). I use the aggregator in my reader to check if there is any major themes I should be aware of.

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