One Two Punch from Kicker

I’m really proud of Kicker Studio lately. In the last month, we’ve unveiled what I consider to be two world-class, category-altering designs.

The first was the Canesta Gestural Entertainment Center. It’s a way of controlling your TV without a remote, using only a small set of waves and circular gestures.
Canesta Glamour Shot

It was covered in CrunchGear, Boing Boing Gadgets, Core77, and NewTeeVee.

The second project was a touchscreen VoIP conference phone for small businesses, the Kicker Conference Phone. We set out to fix a known problem (conference phones suck) and ended up with something really special, I think.

It got good reviews in Wired, CrunchGear, Gadgetrends, and VoIPinsider.

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