Speaking of (and in) 2009

Here’s some places you’ll find me in 2009:

I’m not speaking at it, but my client is debuting our product demo at CES in Las Vegas on the 8-11th.

In the Bay Area, I’m speaking at Stanford University’s HCI program’s Seminar on People, Computers, and Design on January 16.

Also in January, I’m speaking and signing books at the IxDA-SF’s monthly meeting on January 27, held at Adobe.

In February, I have back-to-back workshops and two amazing conferences. First, in Denver, I’m at Web Directions North on February 3-4, giving a talk and teaching a workshop on touchscreens and interactive gestures. Use my discount code WDN09DSa to get $50 off the conference and my workshop. The Web Directions conferences are always a lot of fun.

Then, on February 4-8, I’m at Interaction09 in Vancouver. I’m co-teaching a workshop with Bill DeRouchey (already sold out!) as well as giving a keynote called Carpe Diem: Attention, Awareness, and Interaction Design 2009. If Interaction08 was any indication, I09 will be one of the best conferences of the year.

I’m unfortunately not speaking or attending SXSW this March for the first time in about three years. Nor am I speaking at ETech this year, sadly. But on March 26, I will be speaking at CHI Atlanta.

In April, I’ll be speaking at the Voices that Matter Web Design Conference in San Francisco on the 27-30th.

May. Nothing scheduled yet?!

June brings two more blockbuster conferences. First is UPA 2009 in Portland on the 8-12th. And then on the 15-17th it’s UXLondon, where I’ll be teaching a workshop on brainstorming and giving a talk on designing from the inside-out.

July 19-24 finds me teaching a workshop at HCI International 2009 in San Diego.

Who knows where I’ll be in August, but in September, I’m also likely speaking at d.Construct 2009.

Whew! That’s a lot of hot air coming out of my mouth. I hope to see some of you at one or more of these events!

One thought on “Speaking of (and in) 2009

  1. Holy cow, now that’s a schedule. I’m sure even your Dopplr feed is having trouble keeping up 🙂
    On the bright side, airmiles galore! And there’s the iSight camera, obviously created by a traveling Apple exec 😉
    (and best of the holiday season to you and yours!)

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