Creating Kicker Studio

If this blog has been absurdly quiet lately, it is because I have a good reason. Over the last several weeks, I resigned my position at Adaptive Path and, with some colleagues, created Kicker Studio, a new design consultancy focused on products, not the web. We’re combining visual, industrial, and interaction design to make products that are holistic from the ground up. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a few years now.

Seldom in my life have I ever felt more like my ENTJ personality type (“The Fieldmarshall”) as have these last few weeks, to not only sell people on the vision for the company, but simply to marshall the troops to do all the myriad of tasks that are required to set up a small business. It is amazing how millions of people are able to do it. Between the accounting and the legal and dealing with all the rest, the set-up is amazingly tricky to navigate.

But anyway, most of my professional writing is over there now, on the Kick It! blog. Come join us, won’t you? (Send clients.)

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