Topless in the Echo Chamber

I unwittingly entered Bizzaro World yesterday when the LA Times put on its front page a story about Todd Wilkens’ War on Crackberries which mentioned a term I’d jokingly come up with two years ago: the “topless” (as in laptopless) meeting. United Press picked up the story, and before you know it, we had three news crews in the office asking me about going topless.

The ABC piece was national which was fun (my parents’ friends called them: “Danny was on TV!”). Ironically, the ABC News clip is preceded by an ad for Blackberry. Heh.

Here’s the local CBS news:

Here’s the local NBC clip:

Some guidelines for topless meetings.

Going topless at meetings is apparently a women’s issue too.

2 thoughts on “Topless in the Echo Chamber

  1. Best blog post title EVER!
    In all seriousness, truly bizarre to watch from afar, let alone to be part of it I imagine. A little scary to see how a meme operates – it really doesn’t take much these days to get things propitiated. Here’s hoping some of the important lessons don’t get lost (i.e. it’s the quality of meetings, not the technology, that counts).

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