Best Interaction Design Blogs of 2007

Time again for my annual picks of the blogs I found the most interesting and the most helpful over the last year. (See my picks for 2005 and 2006.)

In no particular order:

  • Jeff Howard’s Designing for Service always uncovers interesting links with good commentary on service design.
  • Brian Oberkirch’s Like It Matters always has clear-eyed commentary on products and the web.
  • Marc Andressen’s pmarca blog has become required reading, not only for its insights on technology and Silicon Valley, but for its hilarious commentary on pop culture too.
  • Design A Day by Jack Moffett is probably the best pure design blog on this list. Daily goodness.
  • Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird isn’t exactly interaction design-oriented (although let’s be honest: few of my picks this year are), but it does contain a host of critical thinking about topics interaction designers should care about, namely architecture, cities, and ubicomp.
  • Putting People First constantly uncovers (and summarizes well) great UX posts.
  • Making a return to the list is Not only good analysis of trends, but links to great practical tools too.
  • Nicolas Nova at Pasta and Vinegar posts too much, but often finds things, especially from the academic world, that others miss.

So that’s the list! There are lots of other blogs I follow of course, but these have been the most consistent, the most insightful over the last year.

See you in 2008!

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