Summer Speaking Engagements

Lots of time to hang out with yours truly this summer at various engagements, both in the US and in Europe.

First in June: Talking about Playful Interaction Design at Business to Buttons in Malmö, Sweden on the 15th. Although I’m talking about games, is not the same talk we’ve all heard in the past about how to make your application more like a computer game. Ugh. Instead, I’m looking at the deeper structure of games and figuring out how those structures can inform our own work. I’m in the middle of researching and writing this presentation now and I think it will be very interesting.

Then on the 20th at UXI Amsterdam (use my code of FODS and get 15% off!) I will be teaching the Interaction Design Day, which was a big hit in Chicago last month and is being slightly revised for this outing.

August brings out Adaptive Path’s annual UX Week, which I am really looking forward to this year. (Again, use my code of FODS and get 15% off.) My colleague Sarah Nelson has put together a slam-bang four-day program, including my own keynote New Sources of Inspiration for Interaction Design. But there are also a ton of other awesome speakers I’m looking forward to like Bill DeRouchey, Leisa Reichelt, Deborah Adler, and Katrina Alcorn. (Hey, that’s a lot of women speakers! Yes! Half the speakers are (gasp!) women!)

In September, come watch me do my gadfly schtick at Design Research Conference (formerly About, With, For) on the topic “How to Lie with Design Research.”

Hope to see you at one or more of these!

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