Review: Portfolio Magazine

Conde Nast has launched a new magazine called Portfolio. I’ve been waiting for this magazine for a while, to see if they could, in a monthly magazine, do what BusinessWeek does with their Inside Innovation quarterly, just in a fuller way with longer, more fleshed-out articles. All I can say is, after reading the first issue, my respect for Inside Innovation has grown considerably. Conde Nast has missed the mark entirely with this one.

The world of Portfolio stretches from Wall Street to the Upper East Side, skipping over the East Village. It’s like a bad Woody Allen movie in print. It was awfully hard to take seriously, so out of touch it seemed. It’s as though the last 20 years of business had never existed. They even wheeled Tom Wolfe out to talk about the new Masters of The Universe.

And Design? Forget it. No mention of it. Fashion, yes. Design, no.

Me: Portfolio: no.

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