My 2007 SXSW Schedule

Once again, I am headed to SXSW Interactive (I’m not cool enough too busy to stick around for Music). I hope to hang out with old friends and new, so please come find me (and go to my session):

I’ll arrive just in time for Opening Night Happy Hour. I will probably have to attend the frog design opening party from 8-10. Hopefully it will be better than last year, but I doubt it. The real event of the night will be 8-Bit starting at 10 hosted by our upstairs pals Satisfaction.

I’m probably going to start the day (hungover) with Designing for Convergent Devices although I might be tempted by the pissing match that will be Why We Should Ignore Users. I’ll probably take a break after that to get some BBQ and prep for my session Learning Interaction Design from Las Vegas. After which I’ll be signing some books at the SXSW Bookstore. That night, I will definitely be catching DJ Mel again at the Web Awards After Party at one of my favorite Austin bars, Club DeVille. But not at the expense of missing What Made Milwaukee Famous at Ben Brown’s shindig from 10-2. If I’m cool enough I might once again make it back to Ben’s house for the after party.

Let’s be honest: after Sunday, there is no way I am getting up early or will be functioning Monday morning. I’ll probably get there in time for what I hope is a great mobile panel: Mobile Application Design Tips and Tricks. I’ll probably head out for Tex Mex lunch and some Mexican Vanilla ice cream, then return in the late afternoon for The Death of the Desktop. I’ll go drink some of Yahoo’s purple booze at Yahoo’s Bar Tab before crashing the The Great British Booze Up to hang with my Limey friends. My last scheduled event before my liver finally gives out is South by Northwest.

Return home. Recover.

My guess is this will be my last SXSW for a while, as my career and interests slowly drift away from (at least pure) web properties. But you never know…

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  1. Excellent list รขโ‚ฌโ€ thanks. Surprisingly, this’ll be my first time at SXSW. I may just have to follow you around, Dan.

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