Spring Speaking Engagements

Somehow, I have a lot of speaking engagements coming up in the next couple of months. Hope that I’ll see some of you at them!

  • March 10: SXSW: Learning Interaction Design from Las Vega$ (Austin, TX)
  • March 22: IA Summit Workshop: Learning from Las Vegas: Insights from the Ordinary and the Extraordinary with Steve Portigal and Bill DeRouchey. How often do several hundred user experience practitioners gather in Las Vegas, a global capital of experience design? The opportunity is priceless. Let’s get out of the hotel and go see it. Let’s go Learn from Las Vegas. (Las Vegas, NV)
  • April 18: The Future of Web Design. Topic still TBD–probably something like A Toolbox for User-Centered Design. (London) My colleague Ryan Freitas will be speaking instead.
  • April 25: Intermediate Advanced Interaction Design. An Adaptive Path workshop. Still top secret (shhh). (Chicago)
  • (What, nothing in May?!?)
  • June 15: From Business to Buttons conference, speaking on Playful Interaction Design. This presentation will examine what interaction designers can learn from games and other forms of play.

More stuff is happening later in the summer, including UX Week and maybe another trip to Sydney. Stay tuned…

One thought on “Spring Speaking Engagements

  1. If you do happen to come back to Australia, please let me know. Depending upon the time frames, I would love to organise for you to go from Sydney to Canberra to talk to some of us in Government about advanced interaction design.
    Cheers, Ruth

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