What I’m Up To, September 2006 Version

Mostly, I’ve been busy writing essays and preparing my presentation material for the Designing for Interaction workshops this month. The first essay was my updated take on Robert Reimann’s classic essay: So You Want to Be an Interaction Designer 2006. The second essay–which has generated more discussion than just about anything I’ve ever written–was the light-hearted Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Designers (But Were Afraid to Ask) for Vitamin Magazine. It was really the only thing I could think of that might appeal to their audience, and boy did it, apparently! 40 comments as of this writing!

But the bulk of my energy has been spent designing and rehearsing my two upcoming workshops: one in San Francisco next week and in Sydney the following week, at Web Directions. A few seats are still available for each workshop! Over the last few weeks, I’ve put together what I hope is an interesting, challenging, and useful day of material, using the book as a starting point for explanation and discussion. Don’t forget to use my code–FODS–for the SF (and New York!) workshops and get 15% off.

While in Sydney, I’m also speaking at OZ-IA, the Australian Information Architects’ Retreat/Summit/Conference. I’m talking about Documenting Ajax and RIAs there, and, even better, doing a workshop about a new project called Models of Invention. It’s about ways of thinking about (and doing) brainstorming sessions and designing new products. Should be a blast! I hope to meet and talk to some of you at one of these.

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