UX Week 2006: JJG Keynote Notes

As a field, we are starting to understand the scope that designed experiences have on individuals, organizations, and the world. Designed experiences have become part of our daily lives. Designed experiences are the lens through with we experience our relationship with the world. Are we moving closer to our best selves or away?

In the past, we’ve turned to scribes to make the complexity of the world to make it simple. Today we have information architects to do that. We’ve also turned to shamans to guide us through our daily tasks. Today we have our own incantations of our own: zoom, fit in window. Our incantations are written by interaction designers

We’re talking about structure for people’s daily lives. The work we do defines the way people live in and understand the way they do. This isn’t new; not part of the world of technology. It’s deep and special.

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