Studio 60: Setting My TiVo Now

How much am I looking forward to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? Let’s just say that not since the second episode of Twin Peaks have I anticipated a TV show more. And apparently, I’m not alone.

The influence of Studio 60 creator Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, Sports Night) is all over TV these days. From the rat-a-tat-tat dialog on Gilmore Girls to the political interplay on the better episodes of Battlestar Galactica to some of the wordless musical moments of Lost. As good as all these shows are, I’ve missed Sorkin’s particular voice. Sports Night is still one of the best shows ever to see the light of day, however briefly.

This cast looks to be just as crackerjack as some of the earlier shows: Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, D.L. Hughley, Judd Hirsch, as well as Sorkin alumni like Bradley Whitford.

I simply can’t wait. I’m making room on my Tivo now.

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