Follow the Money…then Destroy Them Too

Comment spam has gotten out of control here at O Danny Boy, so I’ve disabled most comments except on main pages. Please send me email if you want to comment on posts until I can figure out another solution.

But here’s another solution (in addition to this one) to the spam problem: we typically try to prosecute or disable the spammers themselves. Why not implement the Bush doctrine of destroying those that harbor and fund evildoers? Go after the online casinos, the peddlers of online drugs and pictures of Hot Asian Girls directly. Spam the hell out of them. Fine them. Hack the living shit out of them. Make them stop. They abuse the common good, which, more than servers, routers, and clients, is what the internet really runs on.

2 thoughts on “Follow the Money…then Destroy Them Too

  1. i bet the bigger pe.nis and nymbaya mygambe (son of the late president mygambe) spams of the world are really the ones responsible for financing al queda… which would explain why the gov. didn’t put ashcroft on this task before he was dropped like a used prophylactic…
    ok, i’ll stop before a “the right-wing wants to establish a new world order” conspiracy rant begins…

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