October 2004
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Month October 2004

Rhythm in Interaction Design

While it’s nice to say we should just find ways to automate repetitive tasks, sometimes that’s undesirable or unworkable. That’s where the rhythm test comes in.

Why I Don’t “Support Our Troops”

I just got back from my sister’s wedding, which involved quite a few hours in a car. A sizable portion of the cars on the road here in the Eastern US are now sporting yellow and/or red, white, and blue ribbon magnets that say simply, Support Our Troops. The more I saw them, the more enraged I got.

Bylines in Design

My wife is a reporter. In her world, you do the work, you put your name on it. In the design world, you do your work, someone else puts their company name on it. Perhaps one reason we don’t get as much respect as we deserve is that we’re for the most part anonymous.

I Am Trying To Break Your Design

Designing the Wilco way.

Big Brother, You Can Drive My Car

I’ve often said that the next big technology innovation and interaction design challenege was going to involve transportation and traffic: smart cars on smart highways. I’ve also often said that we’re probably twenty five years away from that vision. Turns out I was right on the first count, but dead wrong on the second.