February 2008  
Sneak Preview of Interactive Gestures!

In advance of my Tap is the New Click presentation at ETech, O'Reilly has graciously allowed me to post a draft of the first chapter of my new book (now titled) Interactive Gestures: Designing Gestural Interfaces. It's pretty much my unedited first draft, but I think it reads pretty well. Comments welcome, of course!

Download Chapter 1 (5.4mb pdf)

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4x4 Meme: More About Me

Brian Haven tagged me with a new meme to learn 16 new things about me in groups of four. So here it goes.

Four Jobs I've Had in My Life:

  • Newspaper Delivery Boy. 1984-1987. I'm not sure how I did this. I was terrible at it too.
  • Security Guard, All-Women's Catholic College. 1989-90. The wolf guarding the sheep, in other words.
  • Marketing Assistant, Women's Lingerie Company. 1994. A long-term temp job I got when I first moved to new work. Very distracting.
  • Copywriter, TV Guide Magazine. 1992-4. Ponch and Jon go hang-gliding. (Repeat).

Four TV Shows I DVR:

  • The Wire
  • The Soup
  • Lost
  • 30 Rock

Four places I've been:

  • Sydney
  • Venice
  • Dublin
  • Helsinki

Four music artists I'm listening to right now:

  • The Raveonettes, "Lust Lust Lust"
  • British Sea Power," Do You Like Rock Music?"
  • The Waxwings, "Low to the Ground"
  • The Magnetic Fields, "Distortion"

I'll tag four people with blogs to keep it going: Jamin Hegemin, Brian Oberkirch, Matt Jones, and Liz Danzico.

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Conferences I'll Be At, Spring 2008 Edition

If you are looking to meet/talk to/get a drink with yours truly, here are the conferences I'm speaking at or attending in the next few months.

This week, it's Adaptive Path's UX Intensive in San Francisco, where I'm teaching the (newly rebooted) Interaction Design Day this Friday. Some seats are still available, so use my code of FODS and get 10% off. It's very hands on, so watch those x-acto blades!

March takes me to ETech in San Diego for Tap is the New Click from my upcoming book. Use my code et08fd and get 20% off. March is also SXSW in Austin, where I'm leading a Core Conversation on Feeding the Creativity Beast.

April 1-2, I'm speaking at and dropping in on classes at Indiana University's School of Infomatics. Then I'm back in San Francisco to attend Adaptive Path's MX Conference on design leadership. Use my code FODS and get 10% off. (The early bird price is still going on too.)

May 22-23 has me in Portland for the always-great WebVisions with Tap is the New Click.

There's more lined up for summer which will be announced shortly. Hope to see you somewhere!

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Firefox 3 to Fitts' Law: Suck It

Take a look at the tabs from the new Firefox 3 Beta. Not only are the tabs smaller in size than in previous versions (and thus creating a smaller target), they have foolishly added borders around them (which aren't clickable), making the targets smaller still and far more difficult to hit. The vertical borders between tabs are no big deal, but needlessly adding the border below seems a poor design choice. As crazy as it sounds, we could use those 2 or 3 pixels of height for the tab, because it will make using them much easier.

Since when do tabs peek down from above anyway? I'm all for experimentation, but let's be reasonable.

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