June 2007  
Essential Reads: Adam Greenfield on Experience Design

Every once in a blue moon, an article or blog post comes along that captures an idea or a moment really well and is for me a touchstone on which I build other thoughts. Adam Greenfield's essay On the ground running: Lessons from experience design is one of those articles. (And not just because my book was mentioned in it!)

What the article does is weave together the trends of the last two years in Big D Design in a way that is both understandable and comprehensive, incorporating everything from Peter Merholz's Designing for the Sandbox to the shift from products to services to hackability and adaptation into one unified whole. It's really well done and I'm surprised that it hasn't been more widely read and discussed. It's a must read for everyone in the interaction or experience design field.

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Three Countries, One Week

I'm headed to Europe today, and if anyone wants to meet up with me while I'm there, here's where I'll be.

First I'm speaking at Business to Buttons in Malmö, Sweden. There may be an informal drinks on Friday, 15 June. Saturday I'm in Copenhagen with no plans except to wander the city with my Adaptive Path colleague Brandon Schauer. Sunday the 17th through Thursday the 21st I'm in Amsterdam for UX Intensive. The workshop I'm teaching sold out, which is fantastic! There will be drinks after my workshop, of course, but also Monday, 18 June some designers are getting together for drinks and dinner after Design Strategy day.

If you are around any of these cities and want to meet up, contact me and we'll try to arrange it.

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The Feed Reader as the Link Between Social Networks

I was looking over my RSS reader today and realized that quite a number of my feeds are how I monitor my (too) many online social networks. Comments from blogs I write on, my Flickr streams, Dopplr itineraries, MySpace, Twitter, Plazes...all of these are now flowing into my RSS reader. With many people trying to figure out how to stitch our social networks (and thus our online identities) together, it occurs to me that we already have such a thing, although no feed reader that I know of is really up to the task yet. One could easily imagine it sewing together photos, comments, etc. by person, creating a sort of meta-network for you, built out of RSS feeds from all the other networks.

If anyone makes one of these, I want one.

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