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Measure Map Leaving the Nest

By now, you might know that Adaptive Path's first product, Measure Map, has been sold. I've been a MM addict user for about eight months now and my blog was one of the first 20 or so that was tracked by the service. I'd use it even if the people who made it didn't sit a few feet away from me. And I'm not alone. I've yet to hear of someone who didn't like the service, except to want more of it.

MM is a great example of a problem most people thought was solved--site statistics--rethought and designed. I'm proud of it even though I didn't have much to do with it. It's a fantastic achievement for Adaptive Path.

A year ago when I was interviewing for a job at AP, "The Product" was an ultra-top secret experiment to see if we could eat our own user experience dog food. A year later, Adaptive Path is closer to being what was described to me as a "worktank" (not a thinktank), where our ideas about design and about products are built, not just discussed. The launch of MM and the prospect of more products to come affirm that I made a good choice last year.

Although it was always part of the plan, I'm sorry to see Jeff go along with MM, but he's the product manager and I know my Google pals Chad Thornton and Elizabeth Windram will enjoy his company as much as I have. I wish him, and MM, well.

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Interview with Marc Rettig

I've been fortunate to get some great interviews for my upcoming book. Most of the interviews have been too long to publish in their entirety, so I'm excerpting them on the book's website and including some (great) material that unfortunately won't make it into the book. The first excerpt is an interview with Marc Rettig from Chapter 1, discussing the History and Future of Interaction Design.

Note to self: a collection of interviews/conversations about interaction design would make a great book too. ...

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