Below is a small (non-NDAed) sample of the many projects I have been involved with in almost two decades’ worth of design work. Process documentation upon request. But wait, there’s more: my resumé (pdf)!

Kuri Home Robot (2017)
Adorable home robot and the accompanying app
Details, press, and awards

CaptionCall Phone (2015)
Phone and touchscreen UI for people with hearing loss
Phone website

Water Watcher (2014)
Award-winning IoT device for monitoring water use
Read the case study

Umi Telepresence (2011)
Multi-platform (TV, mobile (Android, iOS), desktop, web) product line for home teleconferencing

Anybots Touchscreen Control Panel (2011)
Touchscreen mounted on Anybots telepresence robots

Lee Enterprises iPad App (2010)
Putting local news onto a tablet

TiVo Premiere (2009)
The latest HD incarnation of the innovative DVR service

Kicker Conference Phone (2009)
A touchscreen VoIP conference phone for small businesses
Kicker Phone in Wired and CrunchGear

Canesta Gestural Entertainment Center (2009)
A home entertainment center, controlled by gestures
Watch the Demo Movie

Plastic Logic’s Que (2008)
A tablet e-ink ereader, designed for business executives

Charmr (2007)
A system for managing diabetes
Charmr in BusinessWeek

Soundflavor DJ (2006)
A desktop app that created smart custom playlists

Ning Customizer (2006)
A set-up wizard for creating and editing social networks on Ning
Techncrunch Review

FilePiles (2005)
Exploring piling as a means of organizing digital documents
Play with the Prototype

Sounds of the Amazon.com (2004)
A "musical map" using data from Amazon.com
View the Poster (608k pdf)

CoMotion Screen Real Estate and Layout Management Tools (2004)
Used live during the Iraq War, the system saved dozens of lives as part of the Command Post of The Future.

seeNote (2004)
A mobile device for quickly recording information
See the Presentation (5.8mb ppt)

Self-Portrait (2003)
View the Poster (209k pdf)

Echo (2003)
Echo reflects back perceived emotion while IMing
Play with Echo

Robot Walker Navigation System (2003)
A robot for elderly residents of a Pittsburgh nursing home
View the Demo

Ameritrade (2003)
The initial design of the merged Ameritrade and Datek investment sites

Snap Ticket (2003)
Designed the innovative first iteration of this application integrated into the Ameritrade web site for trading stocks, bonds, and options

Graphical Price Viewer (2002)
A desktop app visualizing streaming Island data for finding the best price for shares by volume.

Eight-Legged Freaks (2002)
A site for the Warner Bros. movie
View the Site

Suite Home Chicago (2001)
A site for a city-wide art exhibition

Tiffany for Business (2001)
A B2B ecommerce site for Tiffany

Show Me The Future (2000)
A project with Lucent Technologies and The New York Times, a next-generation viewer of the front pages of The Times.

MyNetWorks (1999)
A phone routing web app for Lucent Technologies
See screenshots

webPassport (1997)
This service and the accompanying hardware was a competitor to WebTV.