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An archived post from the 2004-05 school year.


Monday, October 4, 2004

Payback's A Bitch

In 1987, my junior year of high school, I was faced with a choice when picking my classes for senior year. I had to take some sort of math class, but I'd barely made it through Algebra II. I could have taken trigonometry my senior year. Instead, I took a class in computers. When, I probably thought to myself, am I really going to use trig? Well, now I know: interactive graphics.

The mysteries of SIN and COS have come back to haunt me as I wade through code, trying to figure out the reams of math and logic when trying to make such programs as an abstract clock, a cute rubber stamp, and our latest assignment, an intermorphable alphabet. If I ever had any myths that I could have been an excellent programmer, this class is quickly dispelling them. Each exercise, and we get several a week, takes me hours of time. My thesis work has definitely taken a hit, time-wise.

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