May 14, 2005

Master of Design

This is my last entry for this blog, as today I am no longer a master's candidate, I am a Master of Design. This isn't a boast; it's my degree: M.Des. And today I will walk across a stage and be handed my diploma and my graduate studies will officially end. I hope you'll move over to my other blog and follow my adventures at Adaptive Path and beyond.

Last night, a group of us went out together with our families for a pre-celebration, and tonight, on this rainy Saturday in Pittsburgh, I'll do it again with just my family, my friend Jeff Howard, and my advisor Shelley Evenson. I'm sure we'll raise a glass and toast CMU.

What Dick Buchanan said on the first day of school is ringing in my ears: "We will teach you to do design so well that we will, at the end of two years, call you a master of it." And so it has come to pass. I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog, especially those of you who have been following it since the beginning. I'm glad to have done it--almost as glad as I am to finish it.

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November 09, 2004

Comments Partially Turned Off

The last week has been a nightmare as far as comment spam, with numerous hits on my comments hourly. Even as I'm writing this, two more comment spams just came in. So I'm disabling comments except on the main page, which has the most recent entries. Please do mail me about various entries; I'd hate for spammers to totally ruin the interactivity of this site.

Meanwhile, I'll try to come up with another solution.

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September 06, 2004

Blog Database Hosed

My blog's database was either maliciously or else mistakenly deleted. Either way, it no longer exists. Thus, a "do-over." Thankfully, all the entries from last year are still safe and still accessable, albeit with last year's visual design on them.

Adding to this, my servers were located in Florida--directly in the path of the latest hurricane, so there's been some delay in getting this new year of posts up and running. Thanks for your patience.

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