Monday, February 2, 2004

NYC Mapping Software

Cool article (and another in Wired) about the Citywide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in New York City. Surprising that there isn't more online about this system: seems like it would be a really cool case study on the power of combining data. It's basically a mapping software that overlays NYC streets with various data like floor plans, street blockage, vehicle weight restrictions, power lines, etc.

It even plots out the streets with the most garbage, which rankles the sanitation engineers union. Great quote reflecting the resistance people sometimes feel when a new technology enters an old system:

"We are not computers, you know. We are human beings," he said. "Does a computer get lunch time? Does a computer sprain his ankle? Does a computer die like one of my members did the other day? We have very, very efficient managers on this job. They came up through the ranks. They know the best way to pick up the garbage."

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