Sunday, December 21, 2003

Best Album of 2003

Most of what I've been listening to these days is music that came out in years past: Pavement and The Weakerthans. So I'll just pick the best album I bought this year: Liz Phair. Yes, it's a pop album and people bitched because she didn't come out with another indie masterpiece like Exile in Guyville. But even on Exile, the best songs are the off-kilter pop songs. This is just a whole album of them. Yes, it's polished and yes, some of the lyrics are a little weak, but there are still, pound for pound, six great songs and mostly other good ones on this.

Standouts: "Rock Me" about her young boyfriend who doesn't even know who Liz Phair is; "Take a Look" that compares a crashed relationship to an auto accident; and "Favorite" which should have been blasting out of every car window this past summer. It's been in pretty much constant rotation in my house for the last six months. And I expect it to be for the next six months as well.

Posted at 05:56 PM


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