Monday, September 23, 2002

NJ Transit sucks. They closed

NJ Transit sucks. They closed the train station that was conveniently around the corner from my house, while dragging their heels on allowing an alternative train to take it place and service the stations they just discarded. Three communities and hundreds of commuters inconvenienced. And we're supposed to be happy about it, because now we can go to Midtown Manhattan directly. That's great...except I don't go to Manhattan daily, I go to Hoboken. And the trains I have to catch to get there now take twice as long and are twice as inconvenient to get to. It astounds me as well that the so-called "leaders" of our communities allowed it to happen. The sticking point was apparently a 30 million dollar drawbridge that needs to be repaired. Mind you, they have known about this problem for over a decade, since 1989. Somehow, they were able to come up with the umpteen millions needed to make the midtown direct train, but not come up with $30m over the course of 12 years? If you look at their Capital Improvements page, it doesn't seem like they have problems getting cash for other big ticket projects. I suppose keeping trains running to three "unimportant" stations wasn't as sexy as a new light rail line in Newark.

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