Friday, October 4, 2002

It's been a little crazy

It's been a little crazy lately. Not only did we throw Fiona's 2nd birthday party (20 toddlers in the YMCA gym), but my Uncle Fran died on Sunday. I've been in Baltimore for the last couple of days, attending his funeral services. I spoke at his funeral, just like I have for every funeral for the last several years. I am getting good at writing eulogies, which is a talent I never wanted to have. He was laid out in state at St. Ignatius church, which was weird and disconcerting. I am so used to the small rooms of a funeral parlor that being in the middle of the church made it difficult to express any grief. You feel so exposed.

He was one of the last of the WWII-era elders of my family and an interesting character to boot. He married my parents, baptized me, married Rachael and me, and baptized Fiona. Not to mention buried the rest of his immediate family. He and I had much in common, in many ways.

I will miss him.

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