Sunday, August 3, 2003

Blogging and Hosting Woes

I've gotten numerous complaints about my RSS feeds, and despite all my tinkering, I can't really improve them manually. The stitched-together quality of maintaining this site, with one place for search, another for comments, another for blog-by-email, is really annoying. I thought TypePad was going to be the answer, but after beta testing it and seeing their pricing structure, it definately isn't. To run my two blogs as I want, with my custom templates, would be $15/month, which is really expensive IMHO.

So. I'm looking for a new ISP, one that is MoveableType-friendly. I'm open to suggestions, if any of you have them. MoveableType will fix my RSS problems, give me titles and categories, and make my life easier and the site better. I hope.

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