Lost Time

I've been traveling so much lately I feel like I've lost two weeks of school--and I suppose I have. This leaves me with only about a month to finish:

  • an eight-page paper on Herb Simon's Administrative Behavior
  • reading said 300+ page book
  • testing and refining my thesis project
  • designing and printing my process book for said thesis project
  • presenting said thesis project to the faculty and students
  • finishing writing my thesis paper
  • nicely formatting said thesis paper
  • printing said thesis paper on nice paper for binding
  • presenting a redesign of CMU's parking service tomorrow
  • designing, documenting, and presenting an improved experience for Pittsburgh's T subway

And that's just schoolwork. This isn't even mentioning the ongoing job interviews and negotiations, house hunting from 2000 miles away, teaching my class, and various extracurricular things coming up like CMU's Carnival coming up next weekend.


Originally posted on Sunday, April 10, 2005

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