In the last week, I

  • lost my programmer for my thesis project, leaving me in the lurch with a half-finished demo
  • madly scrambled to find a replacement, which I think I might have done with some help from Jeff
  • searched for money to pay said programmer, which may involve cashing in some savings bonds I've had for 35 years. Seriously.
  • had major issues re-printing my music map of Amazon
  • got a tattoo
  • presented our group model for conceptual models class
  • discovered a cavity in a tooth that I need to deal with ASAP
  • got yet another $300 bill for the hospital for my emergency room visit back in July (this after paying them $250 already. CMU's insurance is terrible.
  • speaking of which, my wife just got a notice that our insurance company hasn't paid a dime for some doctor's visits for her either, to the tune of $225
  • AND the insurance company keeps sending me weekly letters asking whether I have other insurance, which I clearly don't and they are just stalling to prevent paying these bills
  • had three job interviews during career days
  • set up two more phone interviews for this upcoming week
  • tried to do a backlog of grading for my class so I can submit my students' mid-term grades this week
  • added to my thesis paper presentation for my presentation in Montreal next week
  • Oh, and did I mention my daughter went to the emergency room sick?
  • and that my wife is sick as well?

Anyway, this is what I've been dealing with. In this last semester, the schoolwork has gotten lighter, but the stress is still high.

Originally posted on Saturday, February 26, 2005

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