Courting the Nerd Vote

First it was VP candidate John Edwards' visit to campus a few weeks ago. Today it's the presidential candidate himself, John Kerry at a rally, accompanied by a cavalcade of B-level stars: CMU alumnus Ted Danson, Pittsburgh Steeler great Franco Harris, Liz Berlin and Jen Wertz of Rusted Root, and, as the opening act, Bon Jovi!

Some 10,000 people were expected, but I'm guessing it's about half that, and only a couple hundred or so get to see the actual proceedings; the rest stand around.

The campus is still a circus. Crowds chanting, secret service agents on rooftops, unctuous political operatives gladhandling each other, and news crews with their truck satellite dishes atop. It is a sight to see.

And the fun doesn't end here. Tomorrow: Condoleezza Rice! Tuesday: Michael Moore! CMU has become a swing-state stop on the campaign trail.

Originally posted on Wednesday, October 20, 2004

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