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Friday, August 27, 2004

Once More, With Feeling
Orientation today, or for me, re-orientation. A day when we got our new laptops, seat assignments in grad studio, and eight new, first-year Master's students: six CPID, two interaction design. They seem like a nice bunch: a little wet-behind-the-ears, but eager. I'm looking forward to getting to know them.

It's amazing to me that I'm starting year two of school. My first orientation only seems like it was a few days ago. And now my last year of school--probably my last year of full-time school ever--begins. Being back on campus today for the first time in months and seeing my professors and classmates today really has put me in the mood to start up again. I forgot that I like school, as challenging as it is, and that there is still a lot to learn and do.

And so it begins again.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

File Organization Survey
If you are over 18, help me out with my Master's thesis project by taking this brief, five-minute, 10-question survey.

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Negatively Charged
CMU just sent out a letter to all students that, effective pretty much immediately, it will no longer accept credit cards for payment of tuition and related costs. This is because, they say, it cost the school $800,000 last year to process credit cards.

Obviously students need to pay for these things via credit card, else they would have already found another way to do it, right? And obviously, if there was that amount of fees, a large number of students are using their credit cards to pay their fees (which include the outrageous health insurance costs).

Now, if students need this service but it is costing the school too much, the school should have either:

  1. gone to the credit card companies and negotiated a deal. CMU could have said, "Cut us a deal or we walk." The credit card companies would have wanted some money rather than none. We do have a great business school that teaches this stuff. OR
  2. pass some or part of the fees onto the students who are using the credit cards. OR
  3. some combination of both.

Any of these would have been a better solution instead of the administration just throwing up their hands and going, Oh well, let's stop offering this. In fact, it's contemptible that nothing else was attempted. Sometimes the administration forgets that the whole reason the university exists is the students and that they are here to help support them in every way possible. Which means finding solutions that keep the school solvent while still helping students attend.

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