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Next Fall’s TV Pick: Bionic Woman

Every year at about this time, the networks unveil their new fall series and I pick the one (or two) that will likely make it to my TiVo Season Pass. It’s an old habit I picked up when I was a writer for TV Guide after college. Last year, I made the disastrous choice of Studio 60 which I have since, heartbroken, stopped watching and NBC has mercifully pulled the plug on.

This year, my choice is Bionic Woman.

Summer Speaking Engagements

Lots of time to hang out with yours truly this summer at various engagements, both in the US and in Europe.

Meaningful Objects

In considering the characteristics of good interaction design for my book, meaningful was one trait I have frequently thought I overlooked. But I’m not sure designers can really make anything meaningful to anyone. Objects only become meaningful through use and context.

The Neo Cons of Interaction Design

The Neo Cons of Interaction Design all have grand visions for what computers should be and how everyone should use them. Which is, not surprisingly, exactly how they use computers.