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Back from New York City, now off again on the Halloween red-eye flight to Toronto for DesignThinkers 2006 and drinks with the UXIrregulars on the evening of November 1. At the conference, I’ll be giving a talk on Smart Applications and Clever Devices, as well as signing some books and doing an onstage conversation with Adam Greenfield on “Where Design is Going.” Hopefully not on the rug.

Design Idea: Make the Invisible Visible: MPG

This week’s random thought: Why not create a set of circular bumper stickers that display the miles per gallon (MPG) that a car gets? People with high MPG can wear them proudly on their cars. They could also be placed on cars of shame, to raise awareness that driving them is wasteful.

The Two-Week Interview

Whew! My two-week long, intense conversation on The WELL’s Inkwell Series, mostly with Jim Leftwich and a handful of others, has come to a close. It was fun, but wow, tough to cover so much ground and so many topics and make it all worth reading, every day. It was like writing a newspaper column, in some ways. But it’s still a good read, for those of you who didn’t follow along live.

Side Project: No Ideas But In Things

Explaining my new side project: No Ideas But in Things.

Me in NYC

In two weeks, on October 25th, I’ll be giving my Designing for Interaction workshop in New York City. On the night before, Tuesday the 24th, join the NYC IxDA and me for a taste of the workshop as I talk about documenting applications! And afterwards: drinks sponsored by Adaptive Path. If you are interested in Tuesday night, RSVP to nyc-rsvp [at] ixda [dot] org.

Blogs as Education

I decided yesterday, partially inspired by Adam Greenfield’s IA or Not IA post about the conservatism of our industry, to shake things up and get rid of the RSS feeds of blogs who only said things I already mostly knew. (This was about 30 feeds!) Then I went and found blogs that were saying interesting things about subjects about which I only knew a little bit, but wanted to know a lot more: mobile and devices.

Good Day

Any day a product of mine launches is usually a good day. And today, something I’m pretty proud of went live: the Soundflavor DJ (no, I’m not responsible for the name).