April 2005
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Month April 2005

TV is the New Movies

Television is, dare I say it, the best narrative medium going right now.

Spiritual Interfaces

We don’t tend to think of religions as products, as things created by humans. In fact, to those who believe their religion is divinely created or inspired, this is probably heresy. But I think this is the case: that religions are, along with some other human products, interfaces to the spiritual or mystical part of human existence.

New Job

I was offered and accepted a job as a senior interaction designer at Adaptive Path.

Loose Lips Sink Designs

I’ve seen this before with clients and even teammates: You mention a half-thought, thinking outloud, and this somehow becomes the solution, at least in their minds.

The Design Apprentices

Somehow, I’ve gotten sucked into watching the third season of The Apprentice. It’s eye-opening, really, how little basic (to designers anyway) things are taught and practiced in the business world.